Skype Brings More Mojis To Users Experience

Ever since Skype launched their mojis as an attempt to further make the Skype experience more multimedia centric, they have gotten used more and more. On Friday, Skype made the Mojis more exciting, and launched new content partners with them.

The best way to explain Mojis, are that they are ways to take short clips from movies and tv shows, and then share them with friends and family. The initial launch of the Mojis were limited, but the newest update should make it better.

Microsoft Updates Skype With Updated Mojis

New Content For Mojis

Skype launched a number of new content deals with its Mojis on Friday, and the first focus on new films. Users can now include movie clips from Pitch Perfect 2, Furious 7, and 40 Year-Old Virgin into their discussions.

Secondly, Skype is also giving users new clips from the Muppet, BBC, and Universal Studios. Third, a new movie studio was added to the Moji family under the Hollywood tab. Lastly, new tabs that show popular and featured Mojis will be unveiled soon.

Microsoft Updates Skype With New Emoticons

New Emoticons Added

In addition to the new Mojis for Skype, new emoticons have also been launced in Skype. Now, a number of emoticons including yogi, cruying while laughing, and Halloween themed ones have been launched. These are perfect for the Halloween season.

Users are encouraged to try them out, and download the latest Skype app on the Windows desktop, Mac, iOS, Android, and Skype for Web to get them to share with others. Mojis and emoticons are awesome, and perfect additions to any Skype chat.

Users can get the new Mojis and emoticons now. Try them out, and have fun.

Published: Sunday, October 18th, 2015 Last Modified: October 18, 2015

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