Skype Bringing Translator Preview To Windows Desktop App

For those who have used the Skype Translator App, it has left a wonderful experience with them, and given them ways to communicate with others around the globe. But, it’s not available as a Windows Desktop App. On Monday, Microsoft announced that the new Windows Desktop App would arrive, and by the end of Summer 2015.

The Skype Translator Preview program is not currently a desktop app, and that has left questions as to the expandability of the product. By announcing the launch date of the Windows desktop app, Skype ensures Windows 8.1 compatability and future compatability with Windows 10 near launch.

Microsoft Announces Launch Of Skype Translator Desktop App Later In 2015

Translator App A Hit

According to its blog post on Monday, Skype stated that the removal of the sign-up requirement exploded the launch and sign-up of users. It has seen a 300% increase in Skype translator usage, and have gotten a ton of feedback. It uses machine learning, and needs feedback to get better.

The product currently still works with only four languages: English, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin. It also works with 50 written instant message languages though, which helps those using the product. It is looking to expand into more, but needs more feedback from users as it goes on.

Microsoft Shows Skype Translator App Off For Users

Video Offered To Help Adapters

Skype realizes that the Skype Translator preview is still a major obstacle for users, and is a brand new product for many users. Skype has produced a video to help to set up a translated call, how to ensure optimize experiences, and helping to encourage users to use headsets with usage.

Skype is seeing the translator preview app grow, and is using users in its expansion grow. With the four languages and 50 instant messaging languages, it easily will grow later on this year. Skype with Windows 10 will get stronger, and see a ton of adoption as that launches last this year as well.

The Skype Translator Preview is a great thing. I’ve used it and works like a charm.

Published: Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 Last Modified: June 10, 2015

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