Skype Beta Arrives For Windows 10 Phones In Beta

Windows 10 Phone users have been updating their phones using the Windows 10 Mobile beta, and have gotten somewhat positive experiences so far in the upgrades. A Skype beta has been expected in the upgrade path, but has hit delays. On Monday, news about the Messaging Skype Beta arrived for some to try.

Microsoft seemingly released the Meessaging Skype Beta in a quiet drop during the Labor Day Holiday in the US. The app does require users to be using the Windows 10 Mobile Preview, and cannot use this app with Windows Phone OS according to many reports from users across the net.

Microsoft Previews Skype Beta For Windows 10 Mobile

Inside The App

Users when they download the app, are getting two new apps on their phone during the beta use. They are getting a Messaging Skype Preview and a Skype Video Preview. It gives users something beyond basic messaging, and gives them a new app that supports SMS, MMS, and Skype Chat, which is perfect.

This type of app should help Windows 10 phone users down the path, and will allow Skype to seemingly take over the text and video calls on the phone. It has been done on Android and iOS with several different apps, and now Microsoft is finally letting Skype do it, albeit late on Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft Shows Messaging Skype Beta On Windows 10 Mobile Preview

What The App Brings

Users who have tested the app in beta, have seen the new Skype Video Preview bring them video calls featuring Skype with front-end cameras, which is a huge plus. Users can see a history of existing calls made as well, and users can additionally bring this history up with the app at anytime.

Users can still use the phone app and will notice the Skype Video Call button on the option bar as well. This will help those looking to make just a basic phone call, or a more data intensive video call. All of these new features should make Skype more interesting on Windows 10 phones and mobile devices later this year.

The beta is available now to test out. Remember, you need the preview to try it out.

Published: Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 Last Modified: September 8, 2015

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