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Skype is quickly becoming one of Microsoft’s most valuable properties, and is being tightly integrated into a number of its services. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that now users will be able to use Skype within, and it has launched worldwide for use.

The email system has gotten a lot of new users ever since the redesign from Microsoft, and is becoming the hub for communications for users. Now, Microsoft has enabled Skype to be used within the app, and no longer requires a separate download to be used.

Microsoft Rolls Out Skype Into For Global Users

Use Skype In

The brand new Skype product has launched in the product for all users around the world. Skype has been implemented for use by all users, and has received a number of upgrades as well within the browser. This means that users will get a high quality experience of Skype from within their email program on the web.

The Skype product in the web browser now contains HD video calling for PC users, improvements to call notifications, and support for Safari users on Macs, according to the Office Blog on Microsoft’s site. The simple plugin ties directly into, and makes for a great experience on

Microsoft Making Regular Updates To Skype Makes It A Winning Product

What This Means For Microsoft

By launching Skype within the browser for users around the world, it means that more and more users will be able to use Skype easier than ever. Since it will be tightly wound with the product now, users can chat and call contacts within a simple browser window, and now have HD video calls as well.

Skype has continued to evolve since the Microsoft purchase, and this clearly shows how well it is being improved. With bug fixes, notification fixes, video calls of higher quality, and cross platform support for PC’s and MAC’s, it means that Skype can be used by all users around the globe. Since Skype is a free service, and only a small subscription per month gets the additional premium services, it will clearly be a huge revenue stream for Microsoft in the future, as many analysts agree.

This is great for Skype,, and Microsoft. is a great service, and now it has Skype built in.

Published: Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 Last Modified: March 5, 2014

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