Skype and Surface Pro 3 Updates Hit The Internets

Microsoft has made Skype for Windows Phone a project and has updated it over the long run. That plus the Surface Pro 3 has been an ongoing product from Microsoft that gets a lot of attention. On Wednesday, Microsoft issued updates to both products, which both need updates.

Skype for Windows Phone has been a labor of love for Microsoft, and updating it means that Windows Phone users will be getting the latest version. While the Surface Pro 3 updates were more technical in nature, making sure bugs and kinks have been worked out of the product.

Skype and Surface Pro 3 Updates Hit The Internets

Skype Gets Location Sharing On Windows Phone

The latest version of Skype for Windows Phone, version 2.22 was released for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1. The major updates for this version of Skype for Windows Phone include location sharing, notification controls, and other bug fixes. The location sharing feature allows users to add a plus in the chat, and share their location with others in the call.

By doing that, users can pull up the persons location on a Bing Map on their Windows Phone. Also, notification controls for Skype calls got updates, allowing users to be notified only when incoming messages are allowed. Lastly, users can now sav pictures during a Skype call but clicking the more app button and then save photo.

Microsoft Gives Surface Pro 3 Users Wi-Fi and Firmware Updates

Surface Pro 3 Updates

The Surface Pro 3 also got updates on Wednesday, which will help with various firmware updates for the product. The Surface Pro UEFI update for example, will improve system performance and improves wi-fi, which has been an issue. Another update helps the user experience with the thermostat icon on boot.

Other Surface Pro 3 updates include overall system reliability and compatibility with the Surface cover, Wi-Fi stability, the Surface Wi-Fi and Bluetooth driver update, and others. The last update will improve Bluetooth reliability an system stability, and makes the user experience of the Surface Pro 3 better. All of these Surface Pro 3 updates are live, and able to be downloaded for Surface Pro 3 users.

Skype’s updates for Windows Phone are minimal but good. The SP3 updates though were much needed and a help for many users.

Published: Thursday, September 11th, 2014 Last Modified: September 11, 2014

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