Skype and OneNote Get Major Updates

Two of Microsoft’s bigger products on Tuesday got major updates, as OneNote and Skype for Mac got updates that users will enjoy. The more technical updates for the Skype client for Mac gives it more visual and technical stability, while the OneNote changes are much bigger.

As Skype is becoming one of Microsoft’s bigger products, keeping the Mac product up to date is vital. OneNote as well is growing by leaps and bounds, and the updates should make those who use it daily a bigger fan of it than before. Both updates are available now from Microsoft.


Skype For Mac Updates

The Skype for Mac client got a list of technical updates as the product went Skype for Mac 6.11. The focus was on quality and the technical team via its blog listed a number of bug fixes and fixed crashes that users are seeing on the Mac client. The relevant content is found on the toolbar with less scrolling and that includes file transfers.

The technical bugs include: full-text search of messages on Mac OS 10.6, infinite scrolling that Maverick users experienced problems with, a disk I/O issue that prevented users from logging in, blurry links at different screen resolutions, and fixing incorrect file transfer messages if they were scrolled just right.


Big OneNote Updates

The OneNote updates are big as Microsoft enabled capturing screens and being able to share it via the Share Charm. By swiping in from the right, users can press share, select OneNote, and then send. It will be shared in OneNote that easily. Screenshots will also be available for sharing, and users can send those to their OneNote notebook.

Other updates including being able to capture documents, magazine, and whiteboards with the camera scan. Text can be searched for easily using OCR, which should drastically improve text searches in documents. Last improvements also include the ability to capture notes in different colors with stylus and seeing notes in a Full Screen Mode. All of these updates including bug fixes are able to be found via an update to the OneNote program and is live starting today.

I use Skype and OneNote daily, and love these updates. Skype for the Mac has had issues and will be perfect for the holidays. OneNote is my second favorite app, and I’m glad to see these fixes made.

Published: Thursday, November 28th, 2013 Last Modified: November 28, 2013

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