Skype and OneNote Arrive For Amazon Fire

Amazon’s Fire Phone is one of the more hotly desired phones on today’s mobile phone market, and getting the right apps on it will make a difference on its sales numbers. On Thursday, Microsoft announced that Skype and OneNote are available for the Amazon Fire phone.

By launching both OneNote and Skype for the Amazon platform of products, Microsoft’s vision for multiple platforms is growing by the numbers. It’s not just Windows anymore, as Microsoft expands beyond the Android platform, and into the Amazon ecosystem of Fire phones.

Microsoft's Skype Arrives On The Amazon Fire Phone

Skype For Amazon Fire

While the Amazon Fire is still a relatively new phone from Amazon, getting Skype on there was a priority for Microsoft. The Skype team is committed to delivering the best possible Skype experience across any platform, and the Amazon Fire is the latest ecosystem. It’s been available on the Fire HD and HDX tablets for some time.

The Amazon Fire version of Skype is visible via the Fire’s Carousel, and allows users to see chats and notifications at a glance. It also has a customized Skype 3D icon and notification badget to showcase the Amazon Fire’s innovative Dynamic Perspective technology. The app is available now from the Amazon AppStore.

Microsoft's OneNote Also Arrives For Amazon's Fire Phone As Well

OneNote For Amazon Fire Too

Along with Skype, Microsoft also announced late Thursday that the Amazon Fire will have Microsoft’s OneNote program available to download from the Amazon AppStore. The new version of OneNote has been optimized for the Fire Phone, and is also available for Amazon tablets starting July 24th. It will make the Amazon tablet and phone the latest to receive the OneNote experience.

By launching the OneNote for Fire Phone, Microsoft is giving Amazon fans and users one of the hottest note sharing and web clipping apps on the planet. It has been redone from the beginning, and is a lot different from the original OneNote for Android launched all the way back in 2012. It is fresh, full of redesign, and free to use and download. It might also signal Office’s launch for Android tablets, due later this year from Microsoft. The Kindle tablets could get that as well.

Microsoft’s love for Amazon was shown off on Thursday. Skype and OneNote are two great additions we think.

Published: Thursday, July 24th, 2014 Last Modified: July 29, 2014

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