Skype 7.7 Released For The Mac

Many of those who run Skype on their Mac’s, have felt that the Skype client was lacking in updates, and were looking for alternatives. In recent months though, Microsoft has stepped up the Skype support for the Mac, and on Friday announced the latest update to Skype with version 7.7.

Where Skype 7.7 shines for the Mac, is the inclusion of web link previews. This will make for easier sharing of web pages in Skype, and makes the entire Skype experience on the Mac a lot prettier and visual. It is available to download starting today, and is a nice update for the Mac.

Microsoft Updates Skype for Mac with 7.7 Release

What Are Web Links?

Now, when users send web links in Skype, the visual preview of the web page is automatically shown, and doesn’t need to be loaded separately. This will cut down on time loading up a web browser like Safari or Chrome, and give the user the shared web link page in their newly redone Skype web client.

Users can download Skype 7.7 for the Mac to get started, and it’s been optimized for video and visual links in particular. This is a major update for the Mac client, and is one of the most requested updates for the Skype client. Web page links in Skype had been traditional, but now are much prettier on Skype.

Microsoft Makes Old Skype For Mac Look Aging With Newest 7.7 Update

Other 7.7 Skype Fixes

With Skype 7.7 for the Mac, Microsoft also fixed two other known bugs. It corrected and fixed an issue where some users cannot start Skype due to a corrupted index. Secondly, they fixed an issue preventing some users from disabling “User XYZ went offline” notification. These are live in the latest update and worth downloading.

Skype is looking to update the Skype app for the Mac on a continual basis, and are soliciting feedback via its Twitter, Facebook, and Skype Community pages. The updates announced today are visual and bug fixes, and worth downloading. Skype for Mac continues to get better, and 7.7 is the best version of Skype so far.

Try the 7.7 version of Skype for the Mac today. Web links look great on it and are worth sharing with others right away.

Published: Saturday, April 18th, 2015 Last Modified: April 18, 2015

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