Skype 7.5 For Mac Released With New Language Support

Those who have used Skype on the Mac platform have been somewhat left out of the latest updates, as Skype traditionally fixes their Windows versions first. On Thursday, Skype issued a major 7.5 update for the Mac, bringing 14 new languages to it, along with a bunch of bug fixes.

The newest update to Skype for Mac is a major one, and is one that many users around the world with Mac’s have been waiting for. With the large number of new languages, it means that more users can start using it, and with the bug fixes, it means it more stable than its ever been.

Microsoft Releases Skype Version 7.5 For The Mac

14 New Languages

Skype with the 7.5 version of it for the Mac, now includes a whopping 14 new languages. This will help more people around the world communicate using Skype. Those who haven’t been able to use it due to localization issues and languages problems, can download the newest version and start chatting away.

The new languages supported with the new release of Skype include: Hindi, Turkish, Czech, Ukrainian, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Indonesian, Catalan, Croatian, Slovak, Vietnamese, Thai and Malay. These cover a wide number of users, can start using Skype, and communicating with friends and family.

Skype 7.5 For Mac Gets Bug Fixes and Language Additions

Bug Fixes

There were also a number of bug fixes made to this version of Skype for the Mac as well. Now messaging features that caused input fields to disappear and high CPU usages with animating emoticons have been fixed. Additionally, they fixed an issue preventing call UI from coming up when making a call soon after signing in.

Additionally, screen sharing features were fixed to fix an issue causing screen flickering when the shared windows if off-screen. Overall, several crash issues were also addressed, along with reduced instances of App Nap preventing Skype from reconnecting. Other issues are still being reviewed for future bug fixes as well.

The 7.5 version of Skype for the Mac is a must download. Languages and bug fixes work for us, so download it today.

Published: Friday, February 27th, 2015 Last Modified: February 27, 2015

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