Skype 7.11 For Mac Released

Mac and Skype have been getting closer in regards to their working, and Skype has been issuing more frequent updates for users on the Mac. This week, Microsoft and Skype released the latest Skype for Mac update, making the Skype 7.11 for Mac the latest release.

The Skype 7.11 for Mac covers some minor and some major updates for Mac users. Users ave been complaining on the Skype message boards and forums for sometime, and Skype has been working hard to fix them. The newest 7.11 release fixed key items and is working on others.

Microsoft Updates Skype for Mac With 7.11 Update

Video Messaging Fix

The major bug that has been fixed in Skype 7.11 for the Mac, is the issue where Skype was causing some video message to play back with sound. This is a major item that thousands of people were complaining about, and were urging Skype’s engineers to fix and get updated.

Users were finding that their video messages were being recorded without sound, and that was a major bug for many. The latest update fixes this, and users have been quick to thank Skype’s support staff and engineers on their community forums. Now, sound and video come together.

Microsoft Shows Off Skype 7.11 For Mac With Fixes and Bugs

Known Messaging Bug

With the video messaging bug getting fixed with Skype 7.11 for Mac, one other major bug still exists, and its a major one for Skype users on the Mac. Users are still noticing that Skype crashes on quit, and is effecting a number of users across the world on Skype’s community forums.

Microsoft and Skype have publicly announced that they are working on resolving the issue, and are hoping to release a fix soon, maybe with a 7.12 release. Skype for Mac is available to download now, and users are encouraged to download it. Hopefully the new version with messaging fixes will arrive soon.

If you use Skype on the Mac, download 7.11 today. It’s still buggy, but not as buggy as before.

Published: Thursday, August 27th, 2015 Last Modified: August 27, 2015

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