Skype 5.0 For iPhone Officially Debuts

We wrote about the upcoming Skype 5.0 release for iPhone, and many Skype users were waiting with anticipation on the release of the update. Thursday marked the day, when Microsoft and Skype launched the latest Skype 5.0 update to the iTunes store, giving Skype users joy.

There were a lot of internal and external changes made to the Skype 5.0 for iPhone app, and the updates were detailed on the Skype Blog from Microsoft. While a few of these were noted in our earlier article, the full update list was released on Thursday, giving users a lot to use.

Microsoft Debuts Skype 5.0 For The iPhone For General Release

Complete Skype For iPhone Redesign

The biggest thing that iPhone and Skype users will notice are the visual and cosmetic changes made to the app. The entire app has been redone from the ground up, and it is tightly integrated with the iPhone iOS system. The stability and reliability of the app has also been greatly increased, giving users happiness.

Users will be able to navigate throughout the user interface quicker and easier, and find the transitions between Skype and normal activities without delays. Users will really notice it with group chats, sending photos, and video calls. The simple and intuitive nature of the latest redesign will allow for efficient Skype use on the iPhone.

Visual and Fluid Changes Make Skype 5.0 For iOS A Must Microsoft Download

Available On The App Store

With the Skype 5.0 release, Skype released the update for users of the iPhone first, as they see the usage of Skype on the iPhones increasing more and more over time. The company does have plans to make an iPad version of the app with the new touches and feels, but no official release date has been noted for that as of yet.

Skype continues to be a top selling app for the iPhone and iPad, and users within the Apple ecosystem continue to use it as well. The easiness of having Skype in your pocket, and being able to communicate with friends, colleagues, and family make Skype a must have app on the iPhone. With its updates, Skype will definitely be used more, and hopefully iPad users will see the love soon as well.

I use Skype daily and on the iPhone. It’s been a clumsy app, but the recent changes are perfectly redone.

Published: Friday, June 13th, 2014 Last Modified: June 13, 2014

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