SkyDrive won’t be SkyDrive in the UK anymore

On Wednesday, Microsoft lost the rights to use the SkyDrive name in the UK. The legal battles between BSkyB and Microsoft were settled, and BSkyB came out on the winning end of the legal battle, which makes Microsoft have to choose another name for its online service in the country.

The legal ruling marked an end to the trademark battles between BSkyB and Microsoft. The agreement reached between the companies, lets Microsoft use SkyDrive for a short time more, but will work to utilize a different name. Financial details were not disclosed.


Microsoft to rebrand SkyDrive

What this legal and trademark battle finally ends is the trademark case that BSkyB had going with Microsoft. Now that the compromise has been reached, Microsoft needs to quickly rebrand the SkyDrive surface into something new for UK users. Microsoft didn’t detail how popular SkyDrive was in the UK, but it might prove difficult for them to rebrand it.

No plans for Appeal

The press release issued Wednesday stated that Microsoft will not appeal the UK court decision. This leads to the money being exchanged and agreements worked out. The short period of transition time gives Microsoft enough time to come up with a new name, and find a way to market it within the UK without confusing consumers.

Settlement leaves BSkyB Happy

BSkyB is very happy with the ending of this legal battle with Microsoft. In the press release they stated that they were pleased to reach a settlement, glad there was no appeal, and will continue to battle companies that go against the SkyDrive trademark. It is clear that BSkyB won in this case and Microsoft just used it until caught and will now be forced to pay for their errors and find a new name.

In the UK, trademark battles are very fierce, and BSkyB clearly won. Microsoft used a trademark that wasn’t theirs, and will pay for it. It is hard to imagine they didn’t know about the trademark held by the other company, but that is what legal attorney’s are for in the courtroom. This means SkyDrive in the UK will soon have a new name to learn and use in the company.

Published: Thursday, August 1st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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