SkyDrive Superior To iCloud? MSFT Tackles iCloud Head-On: Advanced Features Unveiled

Skydrive For Mac

iCloud lacks functionality, but SkyDrive doesn’t according to Microsoft.

SkyDrive isn’t just for Windows – it’s also for Macs. Microsoft knows that, and wants you to know it too

The rise of cloud service from almost everyone has prompted companies to change the incentives. Microsoft offers two tiers of free storage – 7GB and 25GB, depending on when you started to use the service – while Google offers 5GB of storage for free with cheap paid storage options. The ugly duckling of the trio is iCloud, which doesn’t offer the ability to upload files or create folders. Instead, iOS users can sync devices with their content without having to plug in a device. With those limitations in mind, Microsoft has launched a mini-campaign against Apple.

Crucially, SkyDrive works on a PC and Mac so that means OS X doesn’t have the argument that SkyDrive is Windows-only. Files can be accessed across devices, such as iWorks documents or photos taken on an iPhone. SkyDrive also allows users to access files from anywhere; whether the document is a photo, video, PDF is unimportant – just drag files to the SkyDrive folder on your Mac. Files will then be automatically available on a iPhone, PC or iPad. Don’t have the devices on you? No problem – just head to and the files can be accessed from

iCloud negatives, SkyDrive positives

iCloud only allows people to collaborate who have the appropriate software, but SkyDrive allows you to share any type of file up to 2GB with anyone. SkyDrive works with Office, naturally. Anyone who you shared a file with can view or edit Word, PowerPoint or Excel files using Office for Mac, Office or Windows or with Office Web Apps in the browser. They’re free.

iCloud also allows users to access notes across devices, they can’t be shared. No worry because, along with SkyDrive and OneNote being free, you can take notes and track to-do lists and any other type of list in one place. Lists can be shared with friends and family; lists can be shared and updated automatically from any device, like the Notes app does with MacBook’s and iOS devices.

Google Drive launched recently, offering Google Docs integration. SkyDrive is integrated into Windows 8, launching in 2012.

Published: Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 Last Modified: March 24, 2013

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