SkyDrive Pro Bumped to 25GB on Tuesday

On Tuesday, with the latest cloud storage wars heating up by Box and others, Microsoft made the move to upgrade SkyDrive Pro. The move by Microsoft gives users 25GB of free storage per user, and competes head to head with Box for business and enterprise customers.

With Box doubling its free storage option to 10 GB this past week, this move by Microsoft increases that amount by 250%. In addition, Microsoft is also giving users 100GB of storage per user for only $5 per seat per month, and offers a competitive price to users.


Users Go From 7GB to 25GB Instantly

Effective Tuesday, Microsoft is raising the default-per-user storage limit in SkyDrive Pro to 25GB, from the earlier 7GB limit. This gives Office 365 users even more reasons to use the SkyDrive Pro service since it gives them now 25GB for email and 25GB for SkyDrive Pro usage.

Additional Paid Storage Tiers Available

Microsoft on Tuesday, also announced that additional paid storage options for Office 365 business customers. Users can buy storage options of up to 100GB, and can use that for up to 25 users of the service. This should give enterprise and business users competition against services like Dropbox and Box which are competing for business users.

Other SkyDrive Pro Enhancements Made

With the increased storage options, Microsoft also gave users a 2GB limit on uploads, an increase from before. Also, file versioning updates, recycle bit retention, and a Shared With Me view is now available. Users can view someone else’s SkyDrive Pro drive with their permission which should be a hit. Now you van view something, edit it, share it, and download it with ease.

The moves by Microsoft for its SkyDrive Pro service for business users should be a huge hit. It gives more free storage options to business customers, gives them more paid options, and better updates to the service. While this isn’t a huge upgrade for typical consumers, it goes right to the enterprise consumers that Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Box are gunning after daily. Now, those customers will have to decide which services to use, how much to use, and whether the price is worth the upgrade.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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