Skydrive Pro Apps Now Available for iOS and Windows 8: Finally

A blog post on the Office 365 Technology blog gave Skydrive Pro users the apps they have been waiting for as patient Skydrive Pro consumers. The release of the Skydrive Pro apps on both iOS and Windows 8 will give consumers more reasons to use Skydrive Pro movre than ever before.

On Friday, the Office 365 team in Redmond announced that Skydrive Pro apps for Windows 8 and iOS are available. They are currently available in the Windows Store and Apple Store, and give power users more and more reasons to use the powerful and backup system from Microsoft with their desktop and mobile systems.

Skydrive Pro Apps Announced for Windows 8 and iOS

Access, View, and Upload Documents From Anywhere

Starting today, users of Skydrive Pro will be able to access their documents and files from any mobile device. Users can view their documents in folders, share the documents with other users, create new content, and give other team members their files while on the go or in the office via Windows 8.

Select Files And Go

One of the key points of the Skydrive Pro app is to make using it simple and make sharing documents that much easier. All users of the Skydrive Pro system need to do is sign into Skydrive Pro, select their files, and then choose what to do with them. From simple sharing, copying, moving them, emailing them, or more, anything is possible while mobile or anywhere else.

Microsoft’s Mobile Platform Transforming

With the release of the Skydrive Pro on iOS, Microsoft is continuing to make a play for Apple users and iPad users. Users can update, rename, share, and access their files from iPad devices and Microsoft is eager to help users do this. Whether this leads to an Office 365 type app for the iPad in the future is unsure, but the mobile world of Microsoft got a lot more interesting with this Skydrive Pro release.

Now, users of Skydrive Pro can access and use their files from anywhere. Rename them, delete them, create a folder, and share a file, it’s all available on the iOS and Windows 8 platforms by Microsoft. This might be a perfect time to try out Skydrive Pro if you haven’t before.

Published: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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