SkyDrive Pricing Unveiled: Cloud Apps for Windows, Mac Released!

Skydrive App For Windows

Microsoft unveiled the SkyDrive pricing and has released a preview app for the cloud service including an app for Macintosh. Kudos to Microsoft!


Pricing revealed:

The pricing for the SkyDrive service is very competitive. Thank you Microsoft, we’ll make sure to check it out!

  • $10 for 20GB,
  • $25 for 50GB and
  • $50 for 100GB


Preview apps for Microsoft’s cloud storage service, SkyDrive, have landed on Windows and Mac devices

Microsoft has launched preview apps of its cloud storage service, SkyDrive. Along with the Windows and Mac apps, updates have arrived for the mobile apps.

The preview apps are available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Mac OS X. Both apps are local; the Windows version works from Explorer, while the Mac version works from Finder.

Microsoft has also introduced three pricing tiers are the company puts the service up against competitors, such as the rumoured as Apple’s iCloud and Dropbox. The three tiers of pricing are $10 for 20GB, $25 for 50GB and $50 for 100GB. New users get 7GB of free storage, while users with accounts up to April 22 get 25GB of free storage by selecting the Upgrade my storage option from the SkyDrive storage page.

Google’s Drive cloud storage service is rumoured to be offering 5GB of free storage, and will be integrated into the online document creation tool Google Docs. SkyDrive does better Dropbox’s pricing in some areas, but Dropbox has the advantage of offering up to 1000GB of storage. However, the app for Mac OS X is surprising and seems to reflect Microsoft’s general strategy of pushing services out to other devices. Even small introductions such as the Xbox Live app for iOS is sample of the Metro UI.

Files sync whether edited or deleted across devices using the service. Videos can be streamed even when away from PCs, though they have to be connected to the Internet. Videos can be viewed on SkyDrive is heavily integrated into Windows 8, with a complete Metro redesign that can be managed from the OS. Tiles are sized differently to reflect files and folders, and can als be managed remotely.

Apps updated

Updates arrives for the Skype for Windows Phone app, bringing the version to 2.0. The update brings UI tweaks, the ability to select multiple items to delete and manage permissions. Contacts can be brought in the from the People Hub for collaboration, whether sharing or editing.

The iOS apps were also updated to bring Retina display support.

Published: Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 Last Modified: April 25, 2012

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