SkyDrive Morphs Itself Into OneDrive To Avoid Lawsuit

SkyDrive users on Monday got a little but of a shock on Monday, as Microsoft updated its SkyDrive service to OneDrive. The name move and marketing move to change the product name is a strong marketing move, but also to avoid a lawsuit in the UK against British Sky Broadcasting Group.

The lawsuit by the British Sky Broadcasting Group in the UK ruled against Microsoft and forced Microsoft to change the SkyDrive name in the UK. Microsoft instead decided to rebrand the service as a way to hold all users content in one place, thus naming it OneDrive.

Microsoft Rebrands SkyDrive To OneDrive

What Is OneDrive?

The post on the OneDrive blog is the first of a couple months, and was posted by Microsoft’s Ryan Gavin. The focus of the rebranding of OneDrive is to hold all photos, videos, and documents in one place, where it connects to every device you own, and in your life. The name also conveys Microsoft’s vision for the future of the service.

While the OneDrive name won’t be live for many for a month or two, the need to get the OneDrive name out there was due to the lost lawsuit in the UK. I personally think that this move is a strong one, and make more sense than SkyDrive ever did. One place for all your documents and data on one drive, definitely better than in the sky.

OneDrive Coming Soon Posted for Early Adopters

Previews and Beta Signups Available

On the website, Microsoft has made signups for the service available, but it appears that it is just a signup page. The company stated that it will eventually get all users over to the service, but is inviting early beta testers to get onboard with the new service. This OneDrive outlook should prove positive for the company many agree.

I still think SkyDrive or OneDrive it is now know as, is one of the best backup services around. It is very affordable, works with all devices, and has apps for all mobile and tablet devices as well. Even small upgrades in the amount of disc space needed are affordable, and much cheaper than Dropbox and

I applaud Microsoft and this move. OneDrive for all your docs makes sense, and it will be your soon as the video shows.

Published: Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 Last Modified: January 28, 2014

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