SkyDrive Gets Mobile Updates

On Thursday, Microsoft gave SkyDrive some impressive mobile updates that should make iOS users very happy. The updates allow for users to update and backup their photos from their iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices automatically, a feature that wasn’t previously available until today.

The mobile updates should make SkyDrive used even more by iOS users. The updates are aimed directly towards the iOS crowd and is geared towards getting more than just Windows Phone users into the SkyDrive universe. The updates should get users happy and get them using SkyDrive immediately.

SkyDrive Gets Major iOS Update From Microsoft

Automatic Backup

The major feature about the SkyDrive update was the automatic camera backup feature. Now, al photos will be updated to the users SkyDrive account, and will backup both photos and videos. For users who worry about their data caps being melted away, they can limit when the backups can be made, and can set it up to backup via Wi-Fi only if desired.

The app also features a makeover of the application for the iOS 7 crowd, and users will be able to open their documents in Office Mobile and OneNote. The ability to open documents in either of these free apps will get these apps more exposure as well, and get people tied into the Office 365 world via the Office Mobile app as well.

Microsoft Gives Mobile iOS Users A Vastly Improved Mobile App

Web Client Gets Update As Well

One of the other fresh updates that the SkyDrive web client received was the refresh of the web client. The app features a more Facebook themed page and users will enjoy the fresh look of the web client. Users can get previews of their photos and see what they will look like on their social networks.

Users can also upload their photos to existing albums and set permissions if they desire. The web client is a little more scaled back then the app, but it will provide users a great way to interface with the SkyDrive ecosystem. The SkyDrive is one of the most affordable ways to backup photos for users, and Microsoft is getting in bed with iOS fans asap.

I have an iPhone 5S and have updated the SkyDrive app today. I will use this to backup my photos right away over Wi-Fi, and this should help out a bunch.

Published: Sunday, November 24th, 2013 Last Modified: November 24, 2013

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