SkyDrive Gets Metro Makeover, Looks Great

Microsoft launched the new SkyDrive today and as you will see in the embedded video after the break, it really does look quite good.

Microsoft updates SkyDrive ahead of Windows 8 launch

SkyDrive Updated And Upgraded To Be Up To Scratch With Metro

Just like Microsoft has done with Hotmail (turned it in to the super nice, SkyDrive is also going through a revamp and the new SkyDrive will be launched today. The new SkyDrive is serious about cross platform support and the apps for Windows and OS X have all been upgraded to full versions. They were all sporting ‘Preview’ tags up until now. The video below shows a completely unified experience that cuts across platforms, locations and of course, devices. You can use your SkyDrive to seamlessly integrate multiple collaborators, recipients and contributors for any kind of project. is the new destination to head out to but then you might not be able to go hands on right now because the global roll out will take some time. We were still waiting for our accounts to change over the to new version at press time.

As is expected from the app, SkyDrive shows your various files and folders along with the PCs that have been synced with your account on SkyDrive. All your documents (the supported formats that is) will be opened up in respective web apps so that you or anyone with access can work on them on the go. All you need is the internet. And the interfaces on the web apps are very similar to their offline counterparts. So if you are used to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. you won’t skip a beat when you switch to editing your documents online.

SkyDrive’s deep integration with such web apps also ensures that absolutely anyone with a Windows ID can work with you once you have given them permission. All they need is a browser connected to the Internet and they will be able to view and work on your projects.

Published: Thursday, August 16th, 2012 Last Modified: August 16, 2012

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