SkyDrive Comes To The Xbox One

On Monday, Microsoft detailed in their Windows blog how Xbox One users will be able to access their SkyDrive content on their Xbox One consoles later this month. The ability to harness the cloud data for photos and videos to bring to your Xbox One will make the Xbox One more wanted by many.

The blog post shows how Xbox One users will be able to view their Xbox One photos and videos starting November 22nd. The seamless experience as its detailed is there to give users easy access to their content using voice commands, gestures, and Kinect moves which should be a hit.

New SkyDrive Experience With Xbox One Detailed

Easy and Automatic

The seamless experience will give users the ability to easily upload their photos and videos to their SkyDrive account. Once the data is uploaded from users computers, tablets, or mobile phones, it will be viewable on the Xbox One as soon as needed. Since it gets uploaded automatically with SkyDrive, the TV becomes a giant photo frame of instant photos for many.

Users will be able to zoom and pan into the image on their Xbox One’s using SkyDrive. Small thumbnails appear first, and then the full image is shown on the TV, and users can use the Xbox One controller to zoom in, pan around in a higher resolution, and enhance them via slide shows. The number of options available will make photo sharing fun again.

Snap Photos And Apps On Xbox OneGuide

Xbox OneGuide Built for Skydrive

The whole new Xbox OneGuide was built from the ground up to give users the place to search for their content, including their SkyDrive photos and videos. The guide adds content automatically, and puts photos into a photo folder for easy access. Once the photo is opened, the user is transitioned into a slide show of the image, and can be viewed.

Lastly, users will be able to snap Xbox One apps side by side, and that includes the SkyDrive app and the photos within it. You can snap Xbox Music to one side and then the photo on the other, and enjoy a full multimedia experience. This should make parties, photo sharing parties, and family gatherings even better. This will be a game changer, and SkyDrive will thrive on it.

I love the Xbox One and now SkyDrive will make it awesome. I have tons of photos on SkyDrive, and now I can view them on my tv too.

Published: Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 Last Modified: November 12, 2013

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