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On Tuesday, Microsoft rolled out brand new updates to the website which will give users new features to use. The photo and sharing upgrades continue to make SkyDrive and one of their premiere destinations for cloud sharing and storage for Windows users.

The updates as announced by Microsoft, give users the ability to host high quality images and share them more easily with other users. This goes up against services like Flickr for photo sharing and Facebook for social sharing, and makes it a compelling thing to use for Windows users.


Ability to host high DPI images

The first and most prominent upgrade to is the ability to host high DPI images on The site as described in the Microsoft blog post, will detect and match photos and thumbnails to the resolution of your display. This should make those who shoot high resolutions photos very excited, and give them more reasons to host their photos on

Animated GIF’s

While humorous to some, animated GIF’s now can be viewed on The photos are arranged in a stop motion frame set, and matches Google Plus currently for its ability to have photos turn into animated GIF’s on the fly. Some find this feature very powerful, while some find it otherwise annoying.

Enhanced Sharing Abilities

One of the last but most impressive updates to is the sharing updates. Now, users can share individual or groups of files with others and anywhere within your account. This will help those who share lots of photos with others. Also, by sending someone a document held in, the person receiving it can edit the file without signing into the website.

These different updates to are the latest in updates made by Microsoft to turn into a photo and sharing hub on the Internet. These latest updates make it easier for users to upload high quality photos, share documents easier, and make fun pictures out of their images. Competing services like Flickr, Google Plus, Facebook, and others are main competitors of, and Microsoft needed to step up their game in relations to these features, and did with a hurry.

Published: Thursday, August 1st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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