SkyDrive Android App Rumored; Mac and Windows Apps Updated

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Flagship cloud storage services get updates, and new versions are rumored.

Recycle Bin features and a new Android version are rumored for SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service

I quite like SkyDrive and think, among the minefield of cloud storage services, it’s one of the better choices. If you’re invested into Microsoft’s ecosystem, then it’s a no-brainer, and the service is getting plenty of updates.

As preparation for Windows 8, Microsoft is updating the image sharing feature: which will allow users to view photo libraries from a device linked for sharing within the Photo application. Microsoft says it’ll reveal more information on this feature soon.

SkyDrive for OS X Lion doesn’t shown an app icon when running in the dock, which make sense because a cloud service is always meant to be there. I use Dropbox, which an icon in the taskbar at the top. That’s subtle, and you know it’s working.

The SkyDrive folder also apparently updates more quickly, and reliably, when changes are made on other devices or That’s essential because if you’re editing a document urgently you want to change the changes needed to be represented immediately. If I’m editing this document after submission, for example.

Increase Storage Limits, Android App Incoming?

The limit for the number of files has been raised: from 150,000, to 1 million. Microsoft says this will allow more files to be added to the SkyDrive folder, which is helpful. There are also bug fixes, though too many to detail.

Microsoft added in the blog post that the aim was to ensure the fundamentals worked, which meant ensure the sync process worked and the SkyDrive folder worked. Documents applied to The Verge also said Microsoft is developing another release for later July which will update the iPad app, file sharing and the online interface. That’s apparently called Milestone 3.

There’s also Milestone 4, which focused on the aforementioned Android app and integration into Recycle Bin which offers some kind of backup feature. No release date was revealed, but coding will apparently begin in August. Does that mean we’re getting the update close to Windows 8? I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to have multiple updates launching super close to each other. The details are unconfirmed of course, so we’ll wait and see what happens.


Published: Friday, June 1st, 2012 Last Modified: June 1, 2012

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