Sky News Issues Web Wrapped Windows 10 App

Sky News who is one of the UK’s biggest broadcasting companies, has issued a previous Windows 8.1 app back in 2013, but a newer version of the app has been expected. Sky News has now released the Windows 10 app, but in a web wrapped app.

The new release of the Sky News App is a little less impressive than many expected from the large UK news corporation. It just takes the features of the older Windows 8.1 app, and has updated it a little and not pleased many users.

Sky News Releases New Sky News Windows 10 App

The New Sky News App

With the new Sky News app for Windows 10, users still have the ability to watch live tv, read the latest stories from the network and newsroom, check their local weather forecast, and all the features previously in the prior app.

The new app though is a web wrapper of the Sky News website, and doesn’t include the highlighted features of the previous app. It is expected to be updated in a later release, but Sky News for Windows 10 isn’t a stellar start.

Enjoy Breaking News With Sky News App For Windows 10

Maybe Just Enough

With the latest app, Sky News is still giving users ways to enjoy the news from the network, and that might be just enough. With news from the UK and World News, Politics, Showbiz, and Business, it gives users ways to read and watch the news.

Users still have the ability also, to send breaking news stories directly into the Sky newsroom, and that was applauded as an early success in the app previously. It’s not quite the superstar app many expected, but it’s a news app.

You can download the Sky News app for Windows 10 now. It’s a pretty good app, but just not quite a stellar one.

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Published: Sunday, August 28th, 2016 Last Modified: August 28, 2016

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