Skype For Mac Gets Improvements

On Wednesday, Skype released brand new updates to their Mac program, and as Skype hit version 6.9, it gives users a ton of new features to use starting today. The updated version of Skype is available for download starting today via the update link in Skype.

The newest versions to Skype include screen sharing, ways to share moments with family and coworkers, and numerous other features. Skype users on the Mac platform have been asking Skype in their forums for enhanced screen sharing features, and now they have them like their PC versions.

Skype Updates Mac Program With Screen Sharing Updates

Enhanced Screen Sharing

In the new Skype update for Mac, users are able to share their computer screens with friends and colleagues. Users are able to share the entire screen with the other party, or just share a portion of the screen. These function, which are also available in Google Plus, are much needed for the Skype Mac version.

More Languages, Toolbar Enhancements

Two of the biggest improvements beyond just the screen sharing update, are the support for 3 additional languages. Those languages of Swedish, Finnish, and European Portuguese are now available. In addition, toolbar search field improvements, including listing phone numbers for Mac contacts are included.

Other Updates To Skype For Mac

Some of the other improvements for the Skype for Mac 6.9 version include fixing a bug that caused names to overlap mood messages on contact profiles. One of the last but most important fixes to the Skype for Mac version includes that chat messages now always appear. For those who chat on Skype a lot, this will be a huge plus.

With these updates, Skype continues to listen to their Mac users and the community, and the Skype Community is always filled with suggestions for the platform. The Skype for Mac products generally gets slower updates than the Windows version, but eventually do get them in due time. The simplified user experience gives users the ability to share screens easily, have their products fixed, and see chat messages, and those updates should please most Skype users on the Mac platform. The download is available when you load up Skype, or can be updated via the Update Link on the menu, and is a free download from Skype.

Published: Friday, September 27th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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