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Exciting december. Square Enix announced that they now allow people from all over the world to sign up for the Final Fantasy XIV closed beta. FFXIV will be released in 2010. They haven’t mentioned an exact start date, but it could be very close.

Final Fantasy XIV Beta

If you want to help to make Final Fantasy become a better MMO, sign up and report all bugs that you can find. They plan to allow only small groups of people to test the game in 3-4 hour sessions at first, later on, they will of course allow more people to test the game.
You can’t do a stress test without people on your servers.

Sign up for Square Enix membership
Official Final Fantasy XIV newsletter
Final Fantasy XIV Beta Test Application Site

Final Fantasy XIV Trailer Tokyo Game Show

Awesome trailer and definitely looks like a lot of fun. As you can see in the trailer, they might even add a card game.
Triple Triad or Tetra Master would rock!

Final Fantasy XIV Gameplay Trailer GamesCom Germany

On the GC this year they even showed a gameplay trailer of FFXIV. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really look like a next-gen MMO ingame, but they are still working on the game and gameplay is a lot more important than graphics anyway.

Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots

On some decent screenshots the game looks a lot better:

Final Fantasy 14 Screenshot

Final Fantasy 14 Screenshot

Final Fantasy Theme

Will be released soon!

Published: Thursday, December 17th, 2009 Last Modified: December 17, 2009

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