Shut Down Metro Apps, Resizable Tiles, Order/Group Metro Tiles

One of the latest changes due to consumer/developer feedback involves the Metro desktop: You will be able to shut down Metro apps right from the Metro desktop.
Microsoft Makes Changes To Windows 8 Based On User Feedback

User Feedback Influences Microsoft To Make Changes In Windows 8

Windows 8 users will be able to individually shut down Metro Apps from within the Metro UI without having to switch to the task manager. Even though developers say that it is unnecessary as the OS suspends the apps in a hibernation state when the user is not viewing them or using the classic desktop. This is one of the few main features that Microsoft has implemented in Windows 8 based on user feedback.

Other features that have been changed include things like exclusion of business users from the data collection. Now only home and non-business individuals will be included in the anonymous usage data collection. Businesses often deny access to usage data for security reasons and it has been a bone of contention between the enterprises and Microsoft for quite some time.

Improved Mouse Scrolling, Resizable Tiles

The first beta of Windows 8 will have improved mouse scrolling features on the Metro desktop, making it easier to use for traditional mouse users. Microsoft also said that the tile density on the Metro desktop would not be changed to a lower one because larger screens would then experience a big number of tiles. The tiles will be resizable though.

Order Metro Tiles By Name, Date, Updates, Etc.

Also, the apps on the Metro desktop will now have more ways of ordering other than just alphabetical, which is currently a major complaint amongst users. It will also be possible to gather them in to individual groups. So you can have your games in one place, your office tools in other and your graphics tools in yet another.


Overall, the first Beta of Windows 8 should have a lot of new and exciting changes for all users.

Published: Friday, November 25th, 2011 Last Modified: November 25, 2011

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