Should Windows 8 Have A Preorder Bonus?

We might get our hands on Windows 8 in less than a year. If Windows 8 was a game, it would become available for preorder very soon. That rises the question: Should have Windows 8 a preorder bonus?

Windows 8 Preorder Bonus

A preorder bonus is something we normally know from games, but should Microsoft not reward the loyal early birds? Microsoft added a nice discount to all Windows 7 preorders, but how about some digital goodies for Windows 8 preorders?

The different Windows 8 editions will have various different features of course, but you have to pay for all the extra features. Windows Vista Ultimate for example included a pretty awesome mini-game called Tinker. How about adding something like that as a preorder bonus as a reward to loyal customers who have so much faith in Windows 8 that they preorder it?

We would like to hear from you, what are your thoughts. Would you rather want a greater discount for preordering Windows 8 or some exclusive digital goodies or features?

If you want to be amongst the first who get their hands on Windows 8, you can register here to preorder Windows 8 and we will inform you via e-Mail once it becomes available for preorder.

Published: Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 Last Modified: March 29, 2011

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