Shiny The Firefly and Doodle Kingdom Highlight Red Stripe Deals

Microsoft has made the red stripe deals on the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store almost a necessity for Windows fans. With its deep discounts and sometimes free games, users flock to teh stores each week for deals. On Thursday, Microsoft unveiled the newest deals and they are well worth checking out.

The newest additions to the Red Stripe Deals are fun in nature, and for users of all ages. It gives users up to 50 percent off, and covers 12 different games and apps for the Xbox, Windows Phone, PCs, and tablets. All of these are live for a week, and are great bargains for Windows users.

Microsoft Makes Shiny The Firefly A Red Stripe Deal For Users

Fun Games Highlight Sale

The first one up on the Red Stripe deal is called Shiny the Firefly. It’s available for only 99 cents in both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, and is usually $2.99. It’s very shiny, features fun characters, and has lots of fun for all ages. Kids especially will enjoy it, and a great deal at that.

The second main attraction for this weeks Red Stripe Deals is Plants vs Zombies. This game has sold in the millions, and is only $1.49 vs $2.99 usually. It has a ton of gameplay, and is filled with peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs, and 26 different types of zombies. It is fun for children and adults to enjoy.

Microsoft Highlights SecureWord As Red Stripe Security Special App

Apps, Games and More Bargains

Microsoft has made SecureWord a great baragin in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. It’s only $1.49, and is one of the strongest security password keeping programs for Windows. Users can use strong encryption to store passwords, and can also store logins, credit cards, and files. It can also generate passwords too.

Other bargains for this weeks Red Stripe Deals include Doodle Kingdom, Toy Soldiers Cold War: Touch Edition, Shred It, Special Enquiry Detail, Sky Cups, and Enterchained. All of these are great deals, and downloadable for a week. If you’ve never tried them, these are well worth the download and great deals.

Red Stripe Deals are great from Microsoft. Buy one, or buy them all starting today.

Published: Friday, March 27th, 2015 Last Modified: March 27, 2015

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