SharePoint Users Get Increased Storage Limits

On Thursday, Microsoft via its Office 365 blog updated to its Office 365 and SharePoint users that exciting updates were coming. As these updates were announced, users wanting to use SharePoint more on Office 365 were given tons of new reasons to start today.

The updates announced give users an increased file upload experience, increased site collection and list lookup limits, and improved self-restoration. These new updates will be rolling out over the next few weeks, and will make SharePoint users very excited.


Improved File Upload Experience

SharePoint Online now gives users increased file upload limits that went from a small 250MB to now 2GB. This 2GB limit is even expandable based on a broad range of file types that SharePoint Online can support. This along with the SkyDrive Pro upgrades will make users happy. In addition, users can now upload .exe and .dll file which were previous unacceptable on SharePoint Online due to security concerns.

Increased Site Collection and List Lookup Limits

Users will now be able to increase the number of site collections that they can create. Enterprise customers can create up to 10,000 site collections, from the earlier limit of 3,000 before The limit increase is for Enterprise customers only. The list lookup threshold has been bumped to 12 relations as well. By combining lists and list lookups will give users more relational dependencies and depth of their sites.

Improved Self-Restoration

SharePoint Online users will be able to access their recycle bin for up to 90 days with the update. It was previously set at 30 days, and users will be able to access their full collection of documents, lists, sites, and site collections for a longer period of time. Versioning of documents are also available with up to 10 different versions being retained with the updates.

Along with the updates, a fit for Internet Explorer 10 users on Windows 7 was launched. This will allow for issues with a “Open With Explorer View” from being displayed. These collections of fixes will rollout over the next few weeks, and will give SharePoint Online users a vastly updated experience. By using more data and the ability to share more, it will make SharePoint Online more exciting from Microsoft.

Published: Saturday, September 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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