Settlers Of Catan Released By Microsoft

Board games continue to be successful as they transition from the traditional board game to the web. One of these, Settlers Of Catan, is a best selling board game, and now courtesy of Microsoft, has made the transition to the web and is a remarkable game to play.

The new Settlers Of Catan game is a HTML4 based game, and is in beta mode. The game will be very familiar with those whom have played the board game, and has a number of social features built into the game as well. Now, playing with friends around the globe is simpler than ever.

Microsoft Releases Beta Of Settlers Of Catan On Web

Microsoft released the web version of Settlers Of Catan via the website It works on Internet Explorer or any other web browser, the Xbox and any other web browser. It’s a touch based browsing game as well, and this preview version makes Windows 8 devices even more fun to use with the game.

Since Settlers Of Catan is based on barter trading, it is a fun game that can be played by children and adult of any ages. It’s sold 20 million copies so far, and has been released in over 30 languages. It’s a game full of laughter, debates, dialogs, and helps people enjoy building colonies and more, now with the web.

Microsoft Gives Mobile Users Ability To Play Settlers Of Catan Via Smartphones

Play Catan Anywhere

The key thing with this web release from Microsoft was the social features of it, plus the ability to play it on smartphones, PC’s, and any other browser as well. The digital version is one that anyone can enjoy, from the school, home, work, or at a local coffee shop, just as long as they have a browser available.

The preview of Settlers Of Catan from Microsoft has a getting started mode, has time savers mode built in, doesn’t feature dice as of now, and has a notifications setting within the game. Users can also choose to be connected via email, if they want to have longer games, and might not be available on the web for sometime. Either way, this game is tons of fun, and free on the web from Microsoft.

I’ve spend tons of time with Settlers Of Catan. Now, I can spend more of it on the web thanks to Microsoft.

Published: Friday, July 25th, 2014 Last Modified: July 29, 2014

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