Secret Windows 8 Road Map Unveils Beta Release Date

Latest rumors are speculating that the Windows 8 beta will be released in late February.

Windows 8 Roadmap Apparently leaked online

Windows 8 Roadmap Leaked? has been known for constant leaks of Windows 8 screenshots before the builds were released. They were the first to show screenshots of the Windows 8 Store, etc. Now a report from them claims that they have the roadmap to Windows 8’s release.
With Windows 8 still being in the pre-release phase with only the Beta having a fixed timeline (end of February), the developer community as well as the consumer community is very curious as to what exactly is going on in their.

This development roadmap that they claim to have apparently says that from this point to January 23, Windows 8 will be considered to be in the pre-Beta stage. ON January 23, Microsoft will initiate what is known as the Beta Escrow.

Post this period, a kind of voting will begin where Microsoft’s testers will decide which build gets to be the final and actual Beta Build. This decision will apparently be made on the 28th of this month. On the 30th of January 2012, Microsoft will hold an internal preview of Windows 8 Beta. The target build for this version would be “8200.winmain_win8b1”, according to the post.

Microsoft in the meantime is still very secretive about when the beta is actually going to be released. Other than giving a broad timeline for the end of February, they are yet to specify a date. Even during the keynote, the segment on Windows 8 highlighted what we already knew and gave the same timeline for the Beta with no hints of an actual release. But it is clear that they intend to release the OS in to the market well before the end of this year. Hopefully we will be able to play with new Windows 8 Ultrabooks and tablets during the 2012 holidays, unless the world ends by then that is.

Published: Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 Last Modified: January 11, 2012

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