Search Results More Personal With Bing and Klout

On Friday, Microsoft announced updates to its Bing search engine that will show off more personal and socialized results starting soon. The collaboration with social service Klout enables Bing to display a number of different social aspects in one search engine like Bing.

The updates as announced on the Bing Blog is aimed to help gather all the social profiles of a person and gather them in the Bing search results. The new Bing Personal Snapshots will become live soon, and for those verified on Klout, they will show up more professionally on Bing.

Klout and Bing Team Up For Bing Personal Snapshots

Combing Social Profiles

These new Bing Personal Snapshots are made so that users will be displayed with all their social profiles on search results within Bing. Different services like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Klout will be displayed when a user is signed up for those services, and will give those looking for searches a more social look at the person.

The social profile so to speak, is a new thing for Bing, and is a brand new rollout for Bing. They are leveraging the different deals that they have signed up for and give users more than just the standard search results that they would find on Google or Yahoo. The claimed social Bing Personal Snapshot will also display a ‘verified’ badge when users claim their results on these services.

Bing Becomes More Social With Klout Integration

Top Klout Moments

In addition to the Bing Personal Snapshots, as part of the update, Bing will also display top Klout moments, which will show a users most influential posts from social services. These posts from Twitter, Instagram, and others will be displayed inside the snapshot, and the looks of the moments can be controlled on Klout according to Microsoft.

The integration of Klout is a new thing for Bing, and gives users a new social search engine that they can be found on. Microsoft has strong pacts with the social services that Google doesn’t, and can use these to make the results more personal and more relevant. The snapshot is available starting today on Klout, and managing your social presence has never been easier.

This is a great thing for Klout and Microsoft, and makes Bing even better to use as a search engine. It is way more personal than Google, and will make social searches its future home here.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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