Search Gmail From Within Cortana On Windows 10

I use Gmail on a daily basis, and quite frequently check it too often. I’ve gotten to use Cortana more and more as well, but integrating them into a single workflow makes sense. Now, a Windows 10 app makes that possible.

Gmail Search For Cortana is a free Windows 10 app made by developer Jens Gorm Rye-Andersen, and its a interesting take on searching your Gmail with Cortana. It actually is easy to use, and works quite well.

Search Your Gmail Using Cortana Commands In Windows 10

How It Works

With this Windows 10 app, users can simpl say Gmails from John from last week with attachment, and they will appear in the Cortana search pane. The Cortana canvas can then be opened and then the result given.

You can also use searches like Gmails from Jan 20, 2009, Gmails to Linda from last year with pictures, Gmails trips from last month, Gmails from Bob Johnson from January to June, and much more.

Gmail Searches Appear In Cortana Canvas With Windows 10 App

Login & Use

The app itself is almost like a wrapper app, and it simply works by the user granting permission to the app to access their Gmail account in a read-only mode. You can login with your OAuth credientils and begin from there.

The app itself doesn’t store any of the credentials, and the app has no server or backend connections. It’s a true third-party app that works to link the Gmail and Cortana services, and its a handy app to have 24/7.

If you use Cortana and Gmail, try this one out. It’s totally free, and a quick download and install.

Published: Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 Last Modified: December 12, 2017

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