Search Emails Easier With Email Insights On Windows 10

If you get a lot of emails like I do, you know that searching through them for a particular one can be a chore. Email searching has never been easy, but a new Windows 10 app from Microsoft is helping with it.

Email Insights is a new Windows 10 app from Microsoft’s Garage division, and its an experimental app available on the Windows Store. It helps users search through email easier and faster.

Email Insights Makes Email Searches Easier On Windows 10

How It Works

With Email Insights, the app helps learn emailed related tasks easier. It gives a guided search in the form of a superfast autocomplete, and uses spell correct and fuzzy name searches.

The combination of those tools helps to create an autocomplete feature, and lets the user find emails without a type of long advanced searches. These ordered search results then show up for the user.

Find Emails Simply With New Windows 10 Productivity App

Tabbed & Easy Searches

The other main thing that Email Insights does it present a tabbed email search for the user, and it allows for quick commands from the search box. The fast and easier experience makes email more productive.

Email Insights is a free Windows 10 app, and it is a new experimental app to try out. It’s from Microsoft’s experimental branch that launches new products, and is quite an app to try out.

Make email searches easier with Email Insights. It’s free, and on the Microsoft Store now.

Published: Sunday, June 18th, 2017 Last Modified: June 18, 2017

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