Screenshot Themepack: Sacred 3 Coop RPG

Not only Risen 3 is coming in August, Sacred 3 will be available shortly as well. Here’s yet another RPG themepack with latest screenshots of the game

Sacred 3, unlike Risen 3, will have a co-op mode and is much more similar to traditional RPG’s such as Diablo. If you prefer hack n’ slash and huge battles, Sacred is probably a great choice

Trailer: Fighter (CGI)

The latest CGI teaser trailer:

Sacred 3 Wallpaper

Sacred 3 Wallpaper  1

Sacred 3 Wallpaper  2

Sacred 3 Wallpaper  3

Sacred 3 Wallpaper  4

Link: Download This Game Theme Now

Sacred 3 Wallpaper theme

Free: Get Sacred 3 Wallpaper Windows 7 Theme

This theme is 16 MB large – if you need some help with applying it, make sure to browse our tutorial section. Additional desktop themes can be downloaded using our categories.

Published: Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: July 22, 2014

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