Scan Archive Gives Windows 10 Users Control

If you are using your scanner a little too much lately, you might be wanting a Windows 10 tool to manage your scans better. A new Windows 10 app named Scan Archive gives users total control of their scans on their PC’s.

Scan Archive is made by wolfSYS, and while the Windows 10 app is free, it does offer inn-app purchases. By making it a all-in-one scanner solution, you can scan documents and images at will.

Manage Your Windows Scans With Scan Archive

Filter & Export Options

The major thing that Scan Archive gives users, it the ability to filter documents and scans. Users can search the properties of the documents, search the full text, and use the OCR abilities to their best.

The second major thing that Scan Archive gives users, is a number of export functions. Users can export the scanned document as a JPEG, PNG, PFD, or MS Word document. Users also can print it if they wish.

Scans Become Searchable With Scan Archive On Windows 10

Archive & Enjoy Your Scans

Scan Archive is a great free Windows 10 app, and it gives total archiving options to any user with a scanner. The OCR functions within the app are amazing, and lets users scan multiple pages via their feeder to build multiple page scans.

It works across all Windows 10 devices, and is a lightweight app for Windows 10. While their are a ton of mobile scanning solutions available for users, a fully featured Windows 10 app is desirable, and Scan Archive is for them.

Scan Archive is available and free on the Windows Store. It’s a great scanning app, and is one to try out.

Published: Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 Last Modified: June 6, 2017

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