Save Email Attachments To OneDrive and OneDrive on their own have been amazing products from Microsoft, and users have been using them by the millions. But, getting them to work together has been a project for Microsoft. On Wednesday, Microsoft issued an update that allows attachments to be saved much easier.

The update known as the Save to OneDrive feature, will make savings attachments when using so much easier for users. Now, with this feature that is being rolled out to users worldwide, will allow saving of attachments possible with simple ease, and possible anytime.

Microsoft Issues Email Attachment Update With For OneDrive

How It Works

All a user needs to do when they want to save an attachment to OneDrive using, is click the new Save to OneDrive button. Now, files will be saved and added to a new OneDrive folder called appropiately enough Email Attachments. This makes it easy to find them when needed, and keep them organized.

Users can access these attachments using almost any device that can access OneDrive, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and any other imaginable device. Rather than leave these large attachments on their iPad, mobile professionals can off shoot these large attachments to OneDrive and free up space.

Microsoft Lets Users Save Attachments To OneDrive Or Locally

Save One Or Many Attachments

Users can save either all the attachments of the email to OneDrive, or just save an individual attachment. Users can choose the one they want, and then the Save To OneDrive option, and just that one attachment will be saved. This makes it easier to manage an email with multiple attachments with ones you want versus ones you don’t.

Users can still save attachments to their local drive using download, and they are saved one by one, or in a zip file if multiple attachments exist. OneDrive and want to help manage users email boxes easier, and are looking forward to updating these features, and are soliciting feedback all over social media channels.

This is a superb update to Outlook & OneDrive. It makes saving attachments so much easier.

Published: Thursday, January 15th, 2015 Last Modified: January 15, 2015

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