Save Instagram Stories With Story Saver On Windows 10

Instagram is one of the largest photo sharing social networks on the Internet, but it’s not meant for saving stories or pictures/videos from their service. Third party services have helped, with the latest being Story Saver For Instagram.

Story Saver on Instagram is a premium Windows 10 app, and at $4.99 carries a decent price tag attached to it. But, if you need to save photos or videos from Instagram, it’s a $5 bill wisely spent.

Save Instagram Stories With Story Saver For Instagram

App Features

With Story Saver for Instagram, users are able to download story videos and images with a single tap. This makes it simple to save your favorite content, and view it offline whenver you want.

Download Instagram Stories & Browse Profiles With Windows 10 App

Searching & Easy To Use

The app on Windows 10 makes it simple to search for a Instagram profile, open profiles within the app, and its simple & easy to use. The company offers a trial and paid version of the app.

With the trial version of Story Saver for Instagram, users can download 10 stories per day, and view unlimited stories anonymously. Upgrading lets users view stories unlimitedly as well.

Story Saver for Instagram is $4.99 on the Windows Store. It’s a must for Instagram fans and savers out there.

Published: Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 Last Modified: July 26, 2017

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