Satya Nadella Updates Microsoft Troops On Goals

In a surprising move to his employees, Satya Nadella sent a massive email to all of his full-time employees, and the message of the email was certain. Satya Nadella’s message to Microsoft employees was that the company is about productivity and platforms, not just devices and services anymore.

The email which was quickly released to the press from Microsoft, comes as Microsoft goes into Fiscal 2015, and as it approaches its next earnings call with analysts. Nadella’s message shows his future vision for the company, and transforming it back to its original core.

Microsoft's Satya Nadella Announces Big Changes During Company Wide Email

Unique Strategy Honed

In some of the boldest words from his emailed message, Satya Nadella stated that Microsoft needs to move forward on its productivity towards a mobile-first and cloud-first company. The companies goal is to empower every person on the globe, and make the person and planet to more and achieve more.

Satya Nadella talked about the wide range of Microsoft products that he wants the company to expand upon with the future. From its analytics software and services, development tools, Skype translator, Cortana, AzureML, and other services that the company is developing for all different platforms.

Microsoft's Satya Nadella Leads Microsoft Troops With Fiscal 2015 Email

Not Just Windows Anymore

In other parts of his message, Satya Nadella also stated that he wants to build Microsoft to expand its software for Xbox, its Cloud OS with Azure and Windows Server, Bing, and Android. He wants to also streamline the company and its engineering processes to help teams develop stronger cloud platforms and products for these lines of software and services.

In some of his most direct words in the email, Satya Nadella stated that nothing is off the table in regards to delivering core strategies at Microsoft. Skills will be built, people will be hired, priorities will be adjusted, and employees at the company will need to adjust to its changes as it drives towards the future. The email shows that Satya Nadella is certainly not leading the traditional Microsoft, and is transforming the company with bold ambition, and it showed it during his emailed message.

This email was huge from Satya Nadella. As Microsoft announces earnings soon, his words will back up his earnings many hope.

Published: Friday, July 11th, 2014 Last Modified: July 11, 2014

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