Satya Nadella Named New Microsoft CEO

The rumors surrounding the new CEO news at Microsoft have lasted months, but finally the announcement came on Tuesday. Satya Nadella was named the new CEO of Microsoft on Tuesday, and marks for a historic change at Microsoft, and brings the applause of many employees with the decision.

The decision to name Satya Nadella as the new CEO of Microsoft came early Tuesday morning via a Microsoft press release, and pleased Wall Street, investors, and the employees at Microsoft. The choice of naming a veteran within Microsoft to lead the company is a bold move by the board.

Satya Nadella Named New Microsoft CEO

New CEO But Gates Advising Still

The news of the naming of Satya Nadella as the new CEO of Microsoft was made across the world, but the decision to bring Bill Gates back aboard as a technical advisor was also an interesting move. Satya Nadella has a strong engineering, enterprise, and cloud background, and can truly revolutionize the company.

By bringing Bill Gates back essentially from retirement, the company is looking for Bill Gates to advise the company in its future endeavors and to help focus the company for the next generation. Satya Nadella has worked along side Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer for years, and comes with the high recommendations of the Microsoft board and the veteran duo.

Satya Nadella Groomed As New Microsoft CEO

Reactions To Microsoft CEO Announcement

Overall, the reaction of naming Satya Nadella as the new CEO at Microsoft has been met with a breath of fresh air within the company. He is set to make $1.2M as the salary for the new CEO role, with a large amount of future stock options if he brings the company to certain goals and revenue targets. Various cash bonuses and target stock options are also inline for him at Microsoft.

The future of Microsoft is focused around the cloud, enterprise, and the future of its programs, so this announcement is a perfect pick. I’ve stated for the past month or two, that Satya Nadella would be a perfect pick for the role as CEO, and I’m glad it was done. He’s a fan of the employees, of investors, and a perfect pick for Microsoft.

I applaud Microsoft for this decision. Satya Nadella is a smart man, and the perfect one to lead Microsoft into the next years ahead.

Published: Friday, February 7th, 2014 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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