Santa Returns With Microsoft Edge Promotions

The NORAD Santa Tracker is a holiday favorite for millions of children around the globe, and it tracks the progress of Santa and his delivery of presents around the globe. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced it will be back, and featuring Microsoft Edge additions.

The NORAD Santa Tracker is a project that has been around for over sixyu years, and teams up NORAD engineers, engineers, and software developers for a common goal, to track Santa Claus. The addition of Microsoft Edge will give children reasons to try out Edge.

Microsoft Gives Kids Ways To Track Santa During Holiday Period

Windows 10 & Edge Additions

With the return of Microsoft’s exclusive on the NORAD Santa Tracker, Microsoft has given Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge users a little something extra. It now includes a new image carousel of cities that Santa visits and more.

Cortana is also integrated into the NORAD Santa Tracker, and kids are able to ask out loud for Santa’s whereabouts. This should make the kid’s dreams of toys during the holidays a little more tech centric, and give them reasons to try out Santa.

Microsoft Teams Up With NORAD For 2015 Santa Tracker

NORAD Santa Tracker Is Microsoft Focused

While the goal of the NORAD Santa Tracker is aimed at children, it highlights where all of Microsoft’s services are being used. It will use Bing, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Windows Maps, and will be harnessed by the Azure platform.

Microsoft is expecting tens of millions of visitors to the pages, and is gearing up for an exciting time. The Edge experience will be new, and one that gives kids color in mazes, trees, a sleigh, and more. That with Cortana, should show off Microsoft’s services in a big way.

Published: Thursday, December 24th, 2015 Last Modified: December 24, 2015

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