Santa Claus And Internet Explorer Team Up For The Holidays

In a holiday inspired move on Tuesday, Microsoft and NORAD teamed up to deliver the latest installment of their Santa Claus inspired app. The next generation Santa Claus tracking app has been touch inspired, and is built for Microsoft Tablets and Internet Explorer 11.

What may seem to be a publicity move for Microsoft, the NORAD Santa Claus tracking app is hugely popular with children and parents around the globe. The web-based tracker has been overhauled that takes advantage of the latest technology, and runs even better with Microsoft’s tools.

Microsoft And Norad Team Up On Santa Claus 2013 App

Santa Now Internet Enhanced

The Santa Claus tracking app has been overhauled to work on tablet devices, for the first time ever. The touch-friendly browser app works beautifully with Internet Explorer 11 as well, and gives children and parents to track Santa Claus as the season approaches. The app also has a WebGL-powered globe that will track Santa too.

What makes the Santa Claus app even more Microsoft centered is the ability to call NORAD through Skype with the app and get his latest position from the North Pole. Microsoft is promising users and children a number of games, movies, and music via updates that will come fast and furiously as the December 25th date approaches for Christmas.

Santa Claus Uses Skype And Windows This Holiday Season

Santa For All Windows Platforms

Microsoft clearly has thought out this plan, as it has enabled the Santa Claus app for all Windows devices. Users are able to use it on Windows 8, Windows Phone, and pick up the app on whatever store they want to. The ability for children and adults to track Santa via their mobile devices will give both parents and children more fun in the holiday season.

The power of the Santa Claus NORAD app has Microsoft written all over it. The bundling of Skype, the enhanced Internet Explorer 11 support, and the WebGL-powered globe will clearly give Microsoft the edge for the holiday season. This will get children and parents using Microsoft products this holiday season, and give people reasons to buy Windows and Microsoft products this holiday season.

I love Santa Claus. Who Doesn’t? Now, kids can track him with their Microsoft devices and call him with Skype. It’s a Santa Claus holiday tech season for all.

Published: Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 Last Modified: December 4, 2013

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