Samsung Windows 8 Tablets, Hybrids And Notebooks Revealed At Computex, Taipei

Samsung has been displaying its upcoming Windows 8 devices at Computex in Taipei.

Samsung Windows 8 Tablets shown off at Computex

Samsung Hybrids and Other Windows 8 Products Revealed At Computex, Taipei

Samsung has been amongst the many 5companies displaying their Windows 8 future plans at the Computex tech show in Taipei. It has unveiled two tablets that have detachable keyboards and are scheduled to arrive some time in October, which is the same time rumored for the official Windows 8 launch.

The two tablets are called Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC and Samsung Series 7 Hybrid PC. They both run on Windows 8 and both also feature 11.6inch touchscreen displays. Samsung said the tablets were still under development and did not offer any technical specs except for the processor, which they said would be made by Intel. The tablets will apparently have a battery life rating of 7 hours. The Series 7 Hybrid will apparently come with more processing power and will hence be somewhat thicker than the Series 5 tablet. This is probably due to a thicker battery.

Along with the tablets and their detachable keyboards, Samsung also unveiled a convertible laptop with a touchscreen. It is being called the Samsung Notebook Series 5 Ultra Convertible. It has a 360 degree hinge akin to the Lenovo Yoga and this allows the display to flip out and turn the entire device in to a tablet. This device is built around an Inel Core i7 processor at 1.9Ghz and apparently comes with 6 to 7 hours of battery life. There’s a similar product being shown called the Samsung Notebook Series 5 Ultra Touch, which is the same device minus the 360 degree hinge.

Published: Thursday, June 7th, 2012 Last Modified: June 7, 2012

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