Samsung Galaxy Windows 8 Phone Will Be Based On Galaxy S3?

Galaxy S3 Photo MainLooks like the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S3 might be the basis for the Samsung’s plans for a Galaxy Series Windows 8 phone, if the rumors are anything to go by that is.

Samsung Windows 8 Phone To Use Galaxy S3 Hardware: Rumors

According to the latest rumors, Samsung will be basing their Galaxy series Windows Phone 8 of the future on the recently launched Galaxy S3 hardware. These are the rumors that have been doing the rounds right after the device was launched a few days back in London.

Windows Phone news source Windows Phone Life was recently updated with a post from Michael Blake who made these claims based on an email he received from someone he calls a “trusted source”. This mail contained a tip off for him about Samsung’s plans for Windows Phone 8.

According to what Blake wrote, Samsung’s plan for its first ever Windows Phone 8 device includes naming the device Samsung Focus II. Other parts of this plan include using the recently launched S3’s hardware to build the Focus II on. According to Blake, the email says it will be easier for Samsung to swap over hardware features like the faster (Samsung Exynos) processor, larger display with higher resolution and LTE support to Windows Phone 8 thanks to the drastic changes that Microsoft has been making to the platform.

Phone Specs

The specs revealed by this email go as follows: –

  • 4.7inch HD touchscreen display
  • 12MP rear-facing main camera
  • 2MP front-facing secondary camera
  • NFC capable
  • LTE support enabled
  • Faster Dual-core processor
  • Samsung Cloud Support
  • Dedicated camera button
  • Improved Photo Studio

This is a good time to remind you, dear reader, that these specs are still up in the air because they are based on what Blake has written, which in turn is based on a tip off. So treat these rumors with some salt and know that if they are true, this new phone would be quite the competition for Android.

Published: Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 Last Modified: May 9, 2012

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