Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom Rumours

Rumours have began circulating about Samsung’s latest Smartphone release and it is expected that they will once again be releaseing mulitple versions.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Coming Soon

Korean electronics giant Samsung will likely continue in its technique of launching multiple variants of its Smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

Samsung is planning to release multiple versions of its flagship product of Smartphone just exactly as it did with the Samsung Galaxy S4. This was confirmed by some Asian websites but has been earlier discovered by BGR.


Multiple versions of its flagship Smartphone may include the active model which is a more rugged than the flagship device as stated by the Korean Language ET News.

Various Models

Other versions of Samsung flagship releases include the Samsung Galaxy Zoom which comes with an enhanced camera.This model is also expected to be churned out soon after the Galaxy S5 launch.

A wide range assortment devices has been launched by Samsung which further aim to entice consumers. The Samsung Galaxy S4 ended up having Zoom and Active models and a cost effective Mini device.


There is every possibility that the Korean electronics giant will continue with its strategy for its flagship Smartphone that is expected to be launched before the end of this month in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress.

Next Smartphone Key For Samsung

While the Galaxy S3 was an unqualified success and the S4 sold well there is still questions about the newest flagship from Samsung and whether it will put the company back at the forefront of consumer minds.

Last month, Samsung reported its first quarterly operating profit declination in two years as a result of mobile business weakening. Meanwhile, Samsung said at that particular time that they strongly believe that the remaining half of the year would enhance the solid growth of tablets and Smartphone totally for the year 2014.


Presently, the aim of the company is to plan and extend its flagship Smartphone line and as well increase the quantity of phones that work perfectly with Galaxy Gear and other wearable tech.

Published: Saturday, February 8th, 2014 Last Modified: February 8, 2014

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