Samsung Galaxy One Windows 8 Tablet Concept Shown Off

There’s some fan art going around showing off the possibilities of a Windows 8 powered tablet from the Samsung Galaxy series of devices.
Designer duo develop unofficial Samsung Galaxy One Tablet running Windows 8

Designer Creates Samsung Galaxy One Windows 8 Tablet Concept Art

This is not a leak of something that Samsung is actually working on. This Windows 8 powered tablet is a concept made by designers Laura Hong and Charles de Belizal. They call it the the Galaxy One and it looks quite good. Even though the present Galaxy series is recognized mostly as a line of Android powered devices, Samsung has already confirmed its plans to introduce a special Windows Phone 8 device as part of the popular series of mobile devices. So even though this is just a concept that imagines a Samsung Galaxy device running on Winows 8, it is not very far off the possible reality.
As for the concept itself, it is quite good looking and well featured. The dimensions, as posted by the designers, are 305 x 195 x 14 milimeters. The brushed aluminum broder that you see in the image houses two kickstands with brushed aluminum feet. One of those will prop up the device quite high whilst the other will elevate is slightly for different purposes.

Samsung_galaxy_one Windows 8 Concept

The body of this tablet is also built from brushed aluminum, so it would be quite sturdy if it were real. There’s a surprise feature too — it comes with its own projector for sharing with more than one or two people. This feature is in fact something that could become more common in the near future.

Since they were mostly concerned with making a mockup, they did not concentrate on the performance parts that would go inside. Judging by the popular opinion, consumers would expect a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a high resolution and high quality display — basically the same as the recently launched Galasy S III flagship phone from Samsung. However, this is just an unofficial concept. We have to wait on Samsung to see what actually does come out when Windows 8 launched later this year.

Published: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 Last Modified: May 31, 2012

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