Samsung Devices With Quick Starter App That Brings Back The Windows 8 Start Menu

Bring Back Start Menu Thumb Samsung will have an app on all of their Windows 8 devices that brings back the Windows 8 Start Menu!


Users continue to work against Windows 8, and stay with the norma, as users modifications create older experiences

The absence of a Start menu in Windows 8 is a controversial change in the upcoming operating system, leading to workarounds that became ineffective. Samsung is the latest group to provide a solution, with its Quick Starter app.

The classic desktop with the traditional Start menu is something users don’t want to miss, but Microsoft wants users to get used to the “Modern UI”

Bring Back Start Menu


Samsung’s Start Menu approach (only on Samsung devices)

Samsungs Quickstarter App Brings Back Start Menu

Quick Starter is a free download, available from when Samsung’s devices hit shelves. It was previously going to be bundled with machines. Samsung confirmed in a statement the app will not come with products.

Samsung’s app will have its own taskbar for opening applications and a Windows 7-esque Start men (see picture above). The representative added the aim of Quick Starter is to provide choice, and a familiar interface, for users.

Described as a widget, the app provides access to programs, files, and settings away from the Modern UI Start screen. Windows 8 boots into the new user interface, and it doesn’t appear that users can switch from Modern UI. Modern UI is the tile-centric user interface currently used in Windows Phone, and previously Zune.


Microsoft’s Choices Impact User Choice

Though Microsoft continues to support the desktop side of Windows 8, resembling Windows 7, the start screen is replaced by a shortcut to go back to Modern UI. Microsoft seems to be focusing on getting users to use the new interface; in its advertisements (below) Microsoft is showing a glimpse, at best, of the desktop environment. Modern UI is a complete move away from previous versions of Windows with its horizontal scrolling and focus on tiles, and apps, not programs.

Also, the difficulty for Microsoft is whether it blocks the modifications or allows users to alter the experience. Preventing users from using the Windows the way they want to could lead to user claims of Windows 8 being a closed ecosystem, though at the same time it could be an admission of defeat regarding Modern UI not being popular. Perhaps, though, Microsoft doesn’t care either way.

Alongside Windows 8, Samsung’s devices will be available from October 26.

Windows 8 launches October 26.

Published: Saturday, October 20th, 2012 Last Modified: October 20, 2012

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