Samsung Could Build a Windows RT Tablet After All

Samsung Windows 8 Rt Tablet Samsung’s been pretty quiet on its position with Windows 8 tablets, but could be developing a Windows 8 ARM devices for an October release.

HP may have dropped out of the Windows 8 ARM development, but Samsung is – perhaps unsurprisingly – interested

We’re expecting a multitude of Windows 8 devices when Microsoft launches sometime this year, probably around October, and one of the companies getting involved for that potential launch window is Samsung. The company, reportedly, developing for Windows ARM.

Bloomberg is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S3 maker will launch a tablet for the platform in October, for Windows RT/Windows ARM. Windows RT, as we’ll call it, is a feature-limited and less demanding version of Windows 8 designed with tablets in mind.

Internally the device will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and an S4 chip, though the latter especially doesn’t seem to be final. Samsung uses similar hardware in the Galaxy S3, and that’s considered the company’s best device thus far.

HP pulled out of developing for the RT version of Windows 8, citing the customers not wanting development on the platform. It’s a blow to Microsoft: the mobile version of Windows 8, and Metro, is a big bet on the platforms future and warm adoption of Metro is needed considering it’s on Windows Phone and will probably resemble Windows 8 on the next dashboard update and the Durango Xbox console in 2013/14.

Changing Focus, Or Following Apple?

Of course Microsoft also announced two Surface tablets at the beginning of last month, which seem to be an admission that third parties can’t create compelling. Apple has been producing the iPad for three years, but Google also launched the Galaxy Nexus 7 in collaboration with Samsung. For Google and Microsoft, relying on third-party manufacturers has been a key part of the strategy and suddenly focusing on a very small amount of devices would push aside the rest of the user base.

Despite the announcment, Apple came into the second quarter leading the market with a 58 percent share and 11.8 million units shipped. Samsung placed second with 11 percent of the market, while Amazon came third with a 5.8 percent share, probably down to the Kindle Fire launching November last year.

Published: Monday, July 9th, 2012 Last Modified: July 9, 2012

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