Salesforce Chatter Arrives On Windows 10

If you work in any large organization, and know the power of Salesforce, you probably have used many of its tools. One of its more popular ones is called, Chatter, and now it has arrived for Windows 10 users.

Salesforce Chatter is a Windows 10 app that does require the Salesforce service to use, but it gives great communications tools to employees. It is a fully functional app, and a strong enterprise pick.

Salesforce Chatter Arrives For Windows 10 Users

What is Chatter?

Salesforce Chatter is a new experience, and lets users share knowledge, files, data, and connect with experts from within their organization. It also provides real-time communications tools to users in the workplace.

The power of Salesforce Chatter is the realtime experience that it brings with users in businesses. It lets users connect almost anytime and anywhere, and lets ideas and thoughts be shared.

Chatter From Salesforce Brings Realtime Tools To Business Users

Almost There

In the reviews of Salesforce Chatter on Windows 10, many users either love the app, or claim its missing little things. Group access and settings are the biggest drawbacks that are missing with the app.

The app itself fits well for most business users, but the group access does make it a fully functioning app. Salesforce in comments states that its coming, and this first release it just the beginning.

If you use Salesforce, then Salesforce Chatter is for you. It’s free and worth checking out.

Published: Monday, September 11th, 2017 Last Modified: September 11, 2017

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