Sales Numbers: Microsoft’s Windows 8 Surface Tablet Receives Moderate Response At Launch

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Rt Tablet Thumb2 Microsoft’s tablet has been selling well, but it is expected to reach a more critical mass when we get closer to the holiday season

Windows 8 Surface Tablet Enthusiasm Yet To Get Full Reach

Windows 8 has just released and the Surface Tablets in fact started shipping right before the official launch during midnight on Friday this week. There have been incidents of people lining up in limited numbers outside newly built Microsoft stores. But the mass hysteria that we get to see in certain other cases (read Apple) has not reached the Microsoft crowd yet. And it is quite understandable with such a drastic change in the Microsoft culture.

The consumers are not used to getting super excited and lining up for a new Windows device, let along outside Microsoft. This is a culture that Microsoft has just gotten in to. So it will take some time before they flourish in this area. So as a beginner, the response is fairly good. And that too for a product that is completely new for almost every average consumer out there.

Microsoft is positioning the two different versions of the Surface tablet for two different sectors primarily. The Surface RT is the version that runs a limited form of Windows that allows it run on ARM chips. The other version, simply called Surface, is the full version of Windows — Desktop and all. So you have the full experience of Windows 8 if you want but then the high powered CPU also burns battery faster. So the ARM enabled Surface RT is more portable.

Both versions come with their own super flat and thin and super light keyboard docks, so you can also replace your laptop with it if you want. Over all, the consumer needs to be properly introduced to this new tablet before the actual response can be fully gauged.

Published: Sunday, October 28th, 2012 Last Modified: October 28, 2012

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